lundi 16 juillet 2018

We´re very proud and honoured to announce this new band to join our cast!

Hailing from a cold and freezing city in South America, AMBITION is here to reinforce that brazilian underground scene is not only about extreme metal (speed, thrash, death, black, etc)... Yes !!! The nostalgic "denim and leather" spirit of the late 70´s & early 80´s also lives somewhere deep in the land of samba and football !!!

Highly influenced by the classic old vintage sound of Krokus, AC/DC, Nazareth, The Rods, Saxon, Budgie, Picture, Riot, Chariot, Mama´s Boys, Battleaxe, etc... AMBITION is an excellent find/option for all those who are looking for new bands playing some raw, rough and "in your face" hard and heavy rock´n´roll/heavy metal with steady riffs and powerful choruses.

We're super exicted to unleash their debut release which will be a 7" single called "Burning Love" to be out in the next months !
More infos (artwork, song-online, how to pre-order...) coming soon, stay tuned !!! Beware! The ambition is ready to burn !!! 
Julian’s Lullaby – single “Prisoner of emotions” from homonymous album
Julian's Lullaby band formed in 2006 aiming to make a blend of metal rock music enriched with neo-classical, symphonic and acoustic-folk rock elements.
Recently they released the second full-length album with 10 new songs titled “Prisoner of emotions” by the Russian label “Musica”.
Anna Lullaby: Vocals
George Saddler: Vocals/ Bass/ Lyrics
Charis Kambitsis: Drums
Elias Negrin: Guitars/ compositions/ arrangements
Session Musicians/ Artists (Prisoner of Emotions)
Antre Paras: Lead guitars
Argyris Paraskevas: Violin
Anna Spanogiorgou: additional lyrics

Watch video here

vendredi 13 juillet 2018

It was a Rough Grind but they Finnished strong!
The Finnish rock/metal band Rough Grind released their new EP "Trouble or Nothing" via Inverse Records on July 13th.
The first single "Gilded Cage" gave us a heads-up for what is to come, and Rough Grind definitely gets the message through again. These guys serve an interesting blend of hard rock and heavy metal with some classic rock influences, and now they've broadened their soundscape. The new EP features Petri Koistinen (Burnclear) on keyboards.
They write songs about topics close to their heart, like what is wrong with the world today ("Gilded Cage"), staying true to yourself even when people are trying to take you down ("Leap of Faith" and "Bulletproof") and how sorrow can crush you ("Hereafter").
If you love a nice blend of hard rock and metal with honest and poignant lyrics, "Trouble or Nothing" might be the hidden gem you have been searching for. And Rough Grind brings it all together in a unique way that makes it their own. Absolutely worth a listen.
Rough Grind's previous release "Four for the Road" (EP 2017, Inverse Records) was received well worldwide and got airplay in Europe, North America, South America, Asia and Australia.
Watch the music video for Gilded Cage on Inverse Records' YouTube channel:
The band also released two new music videos today:
Leap of Faith:

"Trouble or Nothing" is available on all digital platforms worldwide.
Google Play:
Promo picture: Tommi Saarinen

Track list:
01. Gilded Cage
02. Leap Of Faith
03. Bulletproof
04. Hereafter
"Son of a Gun" (EP/2014)
"The War Nobody Won" (Single/2017)
"Dead End Street" (Single/2017)
"Four for the Road (EP/2017)
"Gilded Cage" (Single/2018)
"Trouble or Nothing (EP/2018)
Sami (vocals/guitars)
Ville (guitars)
Ari (bass)
Killi (drums)
Ratbreed's Evoke The Blaze album released, new music video online!
      Ratbreed promo pic by Jukka "Johnny" Lepola (free to publish)
Finnish heavy metal band Ratbreed released their debut album 'Evoke the Blaze' today July 13th via Inverse Records.
To celebrate their album the band also released a music video for 'Blaze From Below'. Watch it here:

The band's guitarist Mikko Kaipainen comments:
"It feels great to get the album out finally after hard work through Inverse Records! Evoke The Blaze sums up Ratbreed's life cycle this far just perfectly and we're truly satisfied with the result."
"Evoke the Blaze" is available on all essential digital platforms worldwide.

Album cover by Petri Lampela (free to publish)
Album track list:
1. Escape From The Asylum
2. Hunting High, Reaping Low
3. Decay Of The Mind
4. Blaze From Below
5. Gates Of Underworld
6. Unhallowed Sleep
7. Mad World
8. Through The Flames
9. I Rule The Ruins (digital version bonus track) (Warlock cover)

Jasmin Anglén – Vocals
Mikko Kaipainen – Guitars
Markus Taipale – Guitars
Lauri Palmunen – Bass
Mikko Toivonen – Drums

OVERDRIVERS (Hard Rock) - Nouveau titre, extrait de leur nouvel album !


Nouveau titre "The Best Blowjob In History"
Extrait de leur nouvel album "She's On Her Period" qui sortira fin septembre !


OVERDRIVERS joue un rock authentique pur et dur... Un jeu de scène mouvementé, une énergie foudroyante mêlée à un mur de décibels, le groupe ne laissera personne indifférent !


Site officiel

                                                Chris SOUSA

ENDLESS SUNDOWN - Nouveau clip, disponible !

Le groupe ENDLESS SUNDOWN vous présente son nouveau clip/single "A Need"
"Suite à notre endorsement chez Star's Music, nous voulions marquer le coup et sortir notre première live session dans le locaux lyonnais de l'enseigne.
"A Need" est un titre issue de notre dernier EP "Make Sense" sorti l'année dernière et disponible sur toute les platesformes de streaming et téléchargement légal.
Le son et la vidéo ont été captés en live grâce aux talents de Claudia Mollard à la réalisation et Sacha Besson (12axsound studio) au son."
                                         Suivez ENDLESS SUNDOWN  sur
Christophe SOUSA


Peruvian Metal Heroes MANDRAGORA announce new singer & new 7"EP ! 

 Shortly after their well-acclaimed debut album "Waves of Steel" was released, peruvian Heavy Metal Heroes MANDRAGORA parted ways with their singer Fatima Natthammer - which was a shock for most of the band fans.. Today we can reveal the identity of their new singer ! Make sure she's gonna push the band further, her vocal abilites are not to be proved anymore, since she's known for being the singer of the peruvian all-female band STROGENA.. please welcome Miss Maria ORITHYA in the ranks of MANDRAGORA !

Since Maria joined the band, MANDRAGORA have been very busy rehearsing ALOT, playing ALOT of new gigs/festivals but also writing new songs and is now planning the release of a new 7"EP on INKAS NOIZE Records (same label that released the "First Attack" EP in 2014) as soon as possible ! Stay tuned !