jeudi 20 septembre 2018

Glenn Rogers rejoint Primal. Travailler sur le dossier étudiant en deuxième année.
Le célèbre Glenn Rogers axeman (Deliverance, ex-Hirax, ex-Hérétique, ex-Viking, ex-Vengeance Rising, ex-Once mort) ont rejoint la centrale de heavy metal américain / argentin Primal. Le groupe annonce du sang frais, aussi. Burke Morris (ex-résistance) est devenu le deuxième guitariste. Les deux représentés sur la photo ci - jointe.
Primal a sorti son premier éponyme en 2016, mais ont été en proie à la blessure à la main de Rogers peu de temps après. Le dossier est toujours disponible sous forme physique et numérique par
  Primal se compose désormais de:
Glenn Rogers, Burke Morris - guitares
Alberto Zamarbide (ex-V8, ex-Logos) - chant
Sandy K. Vasquez (Ruthless, Bloodlust, ex-Neil Turbin / Deathriders) - basse
Jorge Iacobellis (ex-Hirax) - fûts
Ils travaillent sur leur second album et la recherche d'une nouvelle étiquette.

vendredi 31 août 2018

Hautajaisyö released a new 3-track single - Featuring guests from Kuolemanlaakso & Torchia and Amorphis cover track!

Hautajaisyö (Funeral Night) released its second album ”Matkalla Kohti Hautaa” (Journey To The Grave) in february 2018. The messengers of agony shows no weakness because the band has just released a new single called ”Sinä Olet Helvetti” (You Are The Hell). Single has two new songs and is a ”sequel” to the second album. Song themes are depression, life agony and despair. Bands unique style of mixing thrash and death metal has taken to the max and here we have two of the most intense songs they have made. Third song in the single is Amorphis cover song ”Alone”, that was recorded during the making of the second album. It is the first english song the band has recorded. Single starts with a fast song called ”Revin Ihoni Rikki” ( I tear my skin off).
In this single Hautajaisyö has been working with two great musicians. In the songs ”Revin Ihoni Rikki & Sinä Olet Helvetti” guitar solos are played by Ville Riitamaa from Torchia, who is starting a European tour soon. Riitamaa´s great solos brings the final dark taste to the songs.
“I was honored that these guys asked me to play a few solos for their songs! My goal was to catch their unique tone to my licks as well - maybe I succeeded in a way or another.” - V.Riitamaa

But that is not all. Markus Laakso is doing most of the vocals in ”Alone” cover song. You might know Mr. Laakso from his band Kuolemanlaakso, who is returning to touring after few years of slumber.
”I met Janne the Hautajaisyö vocalist a couple of years ago, when we both were growling in the same death metal choir at Anti-festival's art project. It was a pleasure and a privilege to join Hautajaisyö on this Amorphis cover song. Thanks Hautajaisyö and sorry Amorphis” - M.Laakso

”Sinä Olet Helvetti” song will also get a music video, that is made by Kimmo Jalkanen who has made all the bands videos. New video will focus on domestic violence.

Single is released August 31st by Inverse Records
Listen to the single:​
Janne Partanen - Vocals
Sami Lustig - Guitar
Ville Moisanen - Guitar
Simo Pesonen - Bass
Teemu Roth - Drums
Sinä Olet Helvetti

01. Revin Ihoni Rikki
02. Sinä Olet Helvetti
03. Alone (Amorphis Cover)

Single cover atr by Minttu Harju
                 Dead is Dead, but Superdeathflame is not dead
Superdeathflame has released a new powerful melodic death metal track. The band has been quiet since their previous release "The Final Truth" (2016). But now breaks the silence with the single "Dead is Dead".
Tomi Tilli from Superdeathfame comments the new song: "This is about how one sees the tragedy and pain in the world. And the fact that in pain, at the end, one is all alone (even if someone says that "knows how you feel")."
Song was written by Tomi Tilli (GT) and Marko Tuhkunen (DR) in fall of 2017.
Recording / Mixing was done in June 2018 in Teemu Aalto studios, Kotka Finland
Mastering by Svante Forsbäck / Chartmakers
Superdeathflame thanks Niko Lindman for sturdy bass for the song!
Inverse Records
Kiramo 3A8
40100 Jyväskylä

Finnish northcore band ATLAS released a new single!
Album to be released this november!

ATLAS promo picture by Patrik Nuorteva (free to publish)
”Where there's a will there's a way"
This is the mentality of the 5-piece modern metalcore band ATLAS, hailing from Nokia, Finland who are more than determined to make a serious impact on the genre. Labeling their sound as ’’Northcore’’ the band has already released a well-received debut EP and now the band is finally back with full-length album release! After 6 years of hard work, the band has found its firm lineup with members who have dedicated themselves and their lives to the music. In that half a decade the bands sound has developed and matured to the point where it is now; a truly unique mixture of different genres and sounds.

Watch ON CROOKED STONES -video on Youtube

ON CROOKED STONES is the first single from the upcoming ATLAS -album released by Inverse Records and is a mix between traditional metalcore, breeze of the north and brutal modern elements that challenge the listener. The music video was filmed on tour with USA metalcore giants Miss May I in June of 2018 and portrays the bands intense live show.

Listen ON CROOKED STONES on Spotify:
ATLAS has also a new album on the way called 'PRIMITIVE'. It is the debut album of ATLAS and a follow-up to the 2016 ’’Northern Lights’’ EP and 2018 pre-singles ’’Birthright’’ and ’’The Catalyst’’.

’’We started writing the album back in 2015 and it took us 2 years and about 30 song ideas to narrow it down to these nine tracks. The process was long and one of the hardest things we’ve ever set out to do, but we’re all extremely happy and proud of how it came out in the end!’’ - Aleksi / guitar

The album was recorded at Sonic Pump Studios in Helsinki with audio engineer and producer Tuomas Yli-Jaskari (Lost Society, Valkeat, etc.). The mixing and mastering took place in Sweden at Impact Studios by Buster Odeholm (Born of Osiris, Sworn In, Humanitys Last Breath, etc.). 

’’Working with Tuomas and Buster was great from start to finish and I don’t think we could have picked better people to make this album with. We also had the abosolute pleasure to work with George Christie (Winds of Plague, Shields, A Night In Texas, etc.) who did most of the synth production on the album. Unfortunately George passed away earlier this year but he left behind some of the best music we’ve ever heard. It was an honor to work with him and his memory will live on through his music’’  - Tuomas / guitar

PRIMITIVE is a 35 minute album comprised of 9 songs that show the full sonic spectrum of ATLAS from aggressive and outrospective to ethereal and visceral. Waning and conflagrating in turns the album captivates the listener with it’s dynamic interpretation of modern metalcore.
’’I think this album has a bit of everything for everyone while still holding a certain atmosphere and sound through it all. Lyrically it’s quite a personal album for us. The themes vary from depression and anxiety to nihlism, corruption, relationships, insomnia and love. There’s definitely things to relate to for the listener. We also had Ben English from ’’Invent, Animate’’ feature on one of the songs and he absolutely killed it!’’  - Patrik / vocals

’’We’re fortunate enough to have the possibility to make our own videos from start to finish. The visual part is just as important to us as the music itself. We can’t wait for everyone to hear and see what we’ve been working so hard on for the past couple years!’’ - Leevi / vocals & bass
1. Skinwalker
2. Feel
3. Kaamos
4. On Crooked Stones
5. Primitive
6. Pareidolia
7. Pendulum Swing
8. Bloodline (feat. Ben English)
9. Rust

Patrik Nuorteva - Vocals
Leevi Luoto - Vocals & Bass
Tuomas Kurikka - Guitar
Aleksi Viinikka - Guitar
Aku Karjalainen - Drums
 ON CROOKED STONES -single cover art by Patrik Nuorteva (free to publish)


mardi 21 août 2018

OMNIABSENT - nouveau single «âme»
Omniabsent, le sentiment d'être partout absent   est un projet créé par deux amis, explorer idées atmosphériques. Vincent Bosch et Agosh d' abord fait quelques morceaux avec violon et guitare, mais la mort prématurée de Agosh en 2011 à l'âge de 23 ans ont quitté Vincent seuls pour poursuivre le projet Omniabsent. Avec une inclinaison vers   atmosphères mystérieuses, sombres ou mélancoliques et avec un style vocal allant du jazz au métal, les premières pièces officielles ont été créées 2015-2018 et vont être libérés prochainement dans un ep à venir.
Recenlty Vincent Bosch a sorti un single intitulé «SOUL», qui comprend deux chansons intitulées «SOUL» et «PLUS ON»
Regarder la vidéo v = 3ZyzWa6Xrtk

Regarder la vidéo v = GIJJXiDMh6M & feature =

liens officiels m

lundi 30 juillet 2018

Nouvel album "First"
Sortie prévue le 28 septembre

A découvrir maintenant !

A propos du projet SUMMER STORM
Summer Storm prétend faire partie du genre « rock classique progressif » et l'ambition du projet est de créer le premier groupe français dans ce style au niveau international.
Le premier album est déjà prêt, composé et arrangé par Patrice Vigier. Renaud Hantson a écrit les mélodies et les paroles. Sa sortie est prévue pour cette année et le second sortira fin 2019.

A propos de l'album 
Le premier album : First !
Le premier CD appelé First est fini. Le second est en cours de composition, et le troisième sera un DVD/CD live dans des lieux prestigieux de Paris. Globalement, l'ensemble du projet est déjà planifié sur environ quatre ans.
Musicalement, First est une compilation d'idées et de sentiments différents allant du pure Classic Rock (« Little by Little » et « Whoever You Are ») a des ambiances plus spirituelles (« G.V. » et « Life is Too Short »). Patrice Vigier décrit ces atmosphères comme une chaîne transparente entre le monde réel et la mort.
Cet album a été enregistré sur une période de trois ans. Les jeux de guitares sont paradoxalement complexes et très simples ! Vigier estime que ce qui compte le plus n'est pas la démonstration technique, physique ou olympique, mais l'atteinte de l'harmonie musicale. Il est  également convaincu que le chanteur est le chef-d'œuvre de chaque chanson, et que les instruments sont là pour mettre en valeur sa voix ainsi que ses paroles.
là pour mettre en valeur sa voix et ses paroles.
A propos de Patrice Vigier (Guitariste et luthier)
Patrice Vigier est un fabricant de guitare renommé dans le monde entier, depuis 1980. Sa réputation est due à la création d'instruments innovants, tels qu'une guitare fretless avec une touche métallique ou la première guitare à mémoire. Les instruments de Vigier sont joués par les plus grands, tels que Deep Purple, Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, Simple Minds, Guns and Roses, Oingo Boingo, Stanley Jordan, Lapiro de Mbanga ou Shawn Lane.
Son but actuel est d'établir un groupe de rock classique progressif français à l'échelle internationale, et fera tout ce qui est nécessaire pour y arriver. 
Ce projet est animé par une véritable passion pour la musique et un désir de partage. Pourquoi un groupe français ? Parce que c'est exotique et qu'il n'y a pas encore de groupes français internationaux connu dans ce genre.
 Suivez SUMMER STORM sur