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ABSTRACT RAPTURE (Metal) - Nouvel album "Hollow Motion" - Disponible le 14 décembre !


Abstract Rapture est un groupe de metal luxembourgeois fondé en 2001. Avec plus de 150 concerts, un EP et deux albums à son actif, le groupe s’apprête à sortir son nouvel album « Hollow Motion » pour la fin de l’année 2018.

A propos de...
Sept ans après l'album « Earthcrush » (auto-produit) et d'importants changements de line-up, Abstract Rapture revient avec un nouvel album, « Hollow Motion ».
Avec ce nouvel opus, distribué par Black N’ Purple Records, les cinq membres du groupes comptent réitérer et même dépasser le succès de « Democadencia » (2008) qui avait amorcé leur montée.
Abstract Rapture a musicalement gagné en maturité, et les nouvelles compositions sonnent d'emblée plus soignées, plus inspirées, plus précises.

Chaque oeuvre a été minutieusement développée, en détail, et constitue une expérience metal unique, comme si ce nouvel album relevait plus du recueil de nouvelles variées, plutôt qu’une suite prévisible de morceaux similaires.
Tantôt pessismiste, tantôt énervé, "Hollow Motion" est résolument sombre et mélancolique.

Servi par un line-up désormais stable et homogène, il s’agit assurément, à ce jour, du meilleur d’Abstract Rapture...

Hootenanny Freaks released a powerful rock piece - Breakaway is a guaranteed power ballad trip to the golden age of metal
Finnish rock act Hootenanny Freaks have released a new single and music video "Breakaway".
Check the music video:
The band's drummer Marko Kuurne comments on the track:
"Breakaway presents the musical expression that is somehow familiar and safe, yet fascinating and thrilling. We think that this rocks the shit out of you!"
The band’s singers Pepe Tamminen comments on track: "The lyrics theme is mainly about insomnia and I thought of my daughter when I wrote it. It’s about dreams and fears. The message is that you have to believe in yourself and there is always someone who cares."
Hootenanny Freaks is a hard drivin’ rock and roll band from Finland with a strong attitude and heartbeat. The band’s music has been strongly influenced by both domestic and foreign old school rock bands.
REVOLUTIO: New Video “Ozymandias”, New Album Vagrant Now Streaming
Post-apocalyptic alternative metal band REVOLUTIO is ready to release the new album Vagrant on November 9th via Inverse Records. To celebrate the announcement, the band has unleashed a video for the album’s fifth track Ozymandias. The song is fast, heavy and sounds simply right for the post-apocalyptic theme that the lyrics carry around here. Watch it here:
Vagrant is now streaming in advance of its November 9th release date, courtesy of Metal Temple. Check out below.
Get your physical copy on the Inverse Records webstore
REVOLUTIO comment: “Vagrant is a voyage, starting from easier, more direct and heavy songs, then moving towards a more complex and melodic sound. It tells tales about the failure of modern age and the rise of a new era of man, and other journeys within, and outside the self. The more you'll listen to it, the more it will disclose its purpose.”
Praise for Vagrant:
“Just 4 words - A great debut album.”
- Metal Temple
“This is classy stuff.”
- ROX Rock n Metal
“A solid album, both in terms of music and production.”
- Bloody News
“A more than perfect album”
- Adriconelrock
 Track list:
1. Aftermath
2. Meek and the Bold
3. What Breaks Inside
4. The Oracle
5. Ozymandias
6. Eclipse
7. Silver Dawn
8. Requiem
9. Daydream
10. The Great Silence
REVOLUTIO line-up:
Maurizio Di Timoteo – Vocals
Luca Barbieri – Lead guitars
Carlos Reyes Vergara – Rhythm guitars
Francesco Querzé – Bass
Davide Pulito – Drums
          SEPTAGON's Forthcoming Album 'Apocalyptic Rhymes' Streaming in its Entirety

Apocalyptic Rhymes, the forthcoming sophomore album from German Power Thrashers  is now streaming in its entirety. Click on the link below to stream it!

Apocalyptic Rhymes will be released November 9 on Cruz Del Sur Music. Compact disc and vinyl LP pre-orders are available from the Cruz Del Sur Music Store.

On SEPTAGON's Apocalyptic Rhymes, thrash and power metal unite like never before in a socio-political firestorm that tests the mind and bangs the head! Featuring members of Atlantean Kodex, Lanfear and Them, SEPTAGON pushes subgenre boundaries with technical, yet catchy songs on Apocalyptic Rhymes that are rife with dashing melodies and stellar vocal interplay.

As if being in Lanfear and Them wasn't enough for German guitarist Markus "Ulle" Ullrich, his power/thrash outfit  SEPTAGON provides another canvas for him to color. Formed in 2013 with Atlantean Kodex vocalist Markus Becker, Septagon (who are completed by second guitarist Stef Binnig-Gollub, bassist Alexander Palma and drummer Jürgen "General" Schrank) was created to harness Ullrich's desire to write fast and tight thrash with a vocalist who could carry the songs over the top. Becker, already known for his work in epic metallers and labelmates Atlantean Kodex, was the obvious choice. Born was their 2016 Deadhead Syndicate debut, an album quickly recognized for its knifing blend of Bay Area thrash and classic power metal bravado. Figuring they could better the debut, Septagon soon wrote and recorded ten songs that would become their sophomore album, the appropriately-titled Apocalyptic Rhymes.

Recorded across a variety of studios and produced by the band, Apocalyptic Rhymes is punctuated by a raw, but snappy production job. In turn, the album finds the band offering a variety of styles and flavors both musically and lyrically, from the punchiness of opener "Weight of the World" to the bass-driven "Home, Sweet Hell" up through the churning title track, where fiery guitar solos from Ullrich and Binning-Gollub and Becker's vocal acrobatics take form. Even as the album ascends into the spiraling melodic heights found on "The Unfathomable Evil," it goes on the attack on "P.O.T.U.S.A.," a song inspired by Becker's time in America and is critical of the current presidential regime that has divided the country. Apocalyptic Rhymes eventually crests on the closing "Sunset Blood," a lush, epic construct that allows  SEPTAGON to stretch out musically to include acoustic guitars, twin guitar harmonies and carefully-plotted vocal spots.

An album sure to stand out among the dime-a-dozen traditional thrash and power metal entries, Apocalyptic Rhymes is an unapologetic bold step for  SEPTAGON, a band unafraid to not only push musical boundaries, but political and social ones as well.
SEPTAGON with two superb discs on the table are confirmed as one of the most original bands within the power thrash scene.

"Septagon deliver an addictive and head noddingly attractive album!" [8/10]
- Metal Gods TV 

"A quality album that grows in strength!" [8/10]

"Technical Speed/Thrash with great hooks and melodies!" 
- Totentanz 

"A worthy follow-up to 'Deadhead Syndicate'!" [8.5/10]
- Mega-Metal

"Excellent!" - Legacy (GER), 13/15, Tipp!

"We need more bands like this!" [9/10]

"As good as the debut!" [8/10]
- Deaf Forever

"This band stands out from its competitors!"  [8/10]
- Rock Hard

"A firm monster between Power and Thrash Metal!" [8.5/10]

 "Septagon with two superb discs are confirmed as one of the most original bands within the power thrash scene."
 - MetalBrothers

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Germany / Austria / Switzerland : SOULFOOD MUSIC
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                  U.K. Epic Metal Duo LETHEAN Streaming 'The Waters of Death' Album

UK Epic Metal Duo LETHEAN have premiered forthcoming album The Waters of Death. Stream it at
To be released on November 9, The Waters Of Death is an epic doom monolith that will appeal to fans of the genre, especially those into Solstice or Atlantean Kodex's atmospheres. Accompanied by atmospheric cover art courtesy of German artist Stefan Bleyl, The Waters of Death is an album that details themes of decline, departure and the passage of time, reinforced by diverse imagery drawn from mythology, literature and the elements. Ambitious in scope and rich in the fundamental traits of epic heavy metal, The Waters of Death firmly places LETHEAN into their own category where class, intelligence and a taste for the bold reign supreme.

The Waters Of Death will be released on compact disc, vinyl and digital formats. Visit the links below to pre-order the album.

Compact Disc:

LP (limited 400 copies, black vinyl, includes insert & download card):

The album is the first product of the fledgling Seven Gates recording studio in Gothenburg, Sweden, with Jamie Elton (ex-AMULET) in the producer's chair. Recorded in the age-old tradition with microphones in front of loud Marshalls and given an analogue mastering by Jaime Gomez (ANGEL WITCH, PARADISE LOST) of Orgone Studios, London, The Waters Of Death has a traditional tone that sets it apart from highly-polished contemporary metal.

"With 'The Waters of Death' Lethean delivers the epic metal debut of the year!" [10/10]
- Hellfire Magazin
"Fans of epic heavy metal take note- anyone into the stuff should be into this, and I'm sure plenty of others would as well if they have any passing interest in heavy metal."
 - Toilet ov Hell


Formed in Essex in late 2012, LETHEAN's stated purpose was to combine epic metal, NWOBHM and doom, along with the lyrical ethos of mortality and time, leveraging imagery from mythology, history and literature. The band's 2013 debut two-song demo caught the attention of Greek duo Giannis Alexandrakis (WRATHBLADE) and Michalis Bakoulas (CONVIXION) who helped LETHEAN re-record the songs at an Athens studio. However, it was not until the early 2017 addition of vocalist and co-writer Thumri Paavana that LETHEAN started to gain creative traction, sparking the creation of The Waters Of Death

Cruz Del Sur Music titles are distributed by:

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dimanche 4 novembre 2018

                                           CORPSESSED Release Video for "Graveborne"
Finland death metal band CORPSESSED have released the video for "Graveborne," the latest single off the band's upcoming album Impetus of Death.

Featuring animantion by Jussi Kandelin, the video for "Graveborne" is streaming at
CORPSESSED will break a four-year silence this fall with the release of Impetus of Death. Featuring eight crushing tracks of obscure death metal, the album is due out November 23 on Dark Descent Records. 

"With 'Impetus Of Death' Corpsessed has continued its destructive path with another fleshy, feisty and at times frightening composition best suited to nights when the windows are battered by howling winds and the demons of the mind are unleashed."
 Metal Forces Magazine