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MORTUARY The Autophagous Reign XENOKORP Release: 8 November 2019

For Fans of

Vader, Legion of the Damned, The Crown...


Humanity has reached a tipping point. Forcenturies, Mankind has devoured, ingested and dejected the living until it made its own specie enter its final stage with the sixth mass extinction. A total failure of a capitalistic system feeding on resources that can’t be renewed. The ruling few on top of the food chain enslaving the 99%. The destruction of bio-diversity in favor of the industrialized mass destruction. It’s the end of times. Man now devours man ethically and societaly as anthropocene starts to rage. Welcome to our ecological and societal suicide. All hail the Anthropophagous Reign!
Recorded, mixed and mastered at world-famous HERTZ studio (BEHEMOTH, VADER, DECAPITATED…) and with artwork by reknown artist Lukasz JASZAK (EMPEROR, BLOOD RED THRONE, VOMITORY…), the album is a frantic, blazing and raging scream of despair and hate towards Humanity and its ways.
Featuring eleven relentless and intense Thrash / Death anthems, this new album, while focused, nevertheless showcases the band’s songwriting versatility, from face-ripping Thrashing tornados like opening iron storm “Delete / Replace” or “Cheptel” that don’t even clock in two minutes, to gigantic wrecking balls like songs “Monuments” or “Memorial in vivo” that go beyond seven minutes.
Celebrating the band’s 30th anniversary, the limited edition DigiPak CD first print features not less than three bonus tracks, all brand new recordings of songs from MORTUARY‘s demo days. A “Mailorder Collector Edition”, exclusive to the band and label, even adds a bonus CD featuring eight exclusive preproduction versions of tracks from the album.
A Thrash / Death feast to say the least!


  • 500 copies limited edition DigiPak CD first print with three bonus tracks [XKR025CDLE]
  • 100 of the above as “Mailorder Collector Edition” adding an exclusive bonus CD featuring ieght songs of the album as preproduction versions [XKR025CDMCE]
  • Digital [XKR025D

Line Up

  • Patrick GERMONVILLE – Vocals
  • Alexis BAUDIN – Guitars
  • Bastien LEGRAS – Guitars
  • Jean-Noël VERBECQ – Bass
  • Johann VOIRIN – Drums


  • All music and lyrics by MORTUARY
  • Engineered, mixed and mastered by Wojtek and Slawek WIESLAWSKI at HERTZ studio
  • Produced by MORTUARY
  • Preproduction versions mastered by Geoffroy LAGRANGE at PARADISE studio
  • Artwork and layout by Lukasz JASZAK
  • Pictures by Davy LETZIEN
  • Executive producer: Nicolas WILLIART for XENOKORP
  • Reproduced with kind permission of ALIEN FORCES publishing


Ignited: Watch Ignition's New Music Video

It has just been officially released on Ignited's YouTube channel, the band's first music video. The song "Ignition" is now available.

The song is the band's first record from their upcoming album “Steelbound” coming soon in 2019. Even as a new band, the musicians were concerned about creating a well-produced result with heavyweight names behind the scenes of audio and visual creations.

All the filming and clip’s direction was made by the company “Foggy Filmes” which has Junior Carelli and Rudge Campos as directors. The recordings, production and mastering were made at Thiago Bianchi's Estúdio Fusão (ex-Shaman, Nortunall).

The artwork was developed by Gustavo Sazes (Machine Head, Kamelot, Arch Enemy).

Denis Lima - Vocals
Dalton Castro - Guitar
Sama Benedet - Bass
Maurício Velasco - Drums

More information:
Official Website:

Gleison Junior  (Assessor/Diretor)
(62) 9.81047866 – 32905706
Val Tvoar's new single "Unchained"
On New Year's Day 2020, Estonian rock-metal artist Val Tvoar will release his second album, Today is Tomorrow's Yesterday. The first single, "Unchained", is stonerly groovy with a touch of prog, and the lyrics are a call to action: give more - take less. Val explains that human beings should be here on earth to protect and stimulate life, but we're doing the opposite. The entire album actually runs with variations on this concept because it is so important to millions of people. 

The digital album Today is Tomorrow's Yesterday will be released 01.01.2020, and it's free for everyone. The vinyl release follows just one month later on Feb 2nd, as a limited edition offering with bonus track "Rotten Apple" (unused from previous album sessions).

Music and lyrics by Val Tvoar
Mixed and mastered by Keijo Koppel at RoundSound
Single cover by Maik Grüner
Val Tvoar live band:
Val Tvoar - vocals and guitar
Silver Suu - guitar
Joel Berg - bass
Mikk Kerner - drums
Tandra: lead singer Felipe Franco reveals concept behind the song "Winter Days"

The single has just been released and it's already a success in gathering visibility, both in Brazil, as well as in other countries that are appreciative of Folk Metal that focuses on Nordic culture.

The song written by lead singer Felipe Franco, speaks of an epic medieval battle, where the people fights to preserve their creeds, ideologies and culture. The musician reveals where he got the inspiration from to write this beautiful song: “This episode is based on historical accounts of the christianization of medieval Europe, working in a context that could be interpreted through the present day. Musically, it's a song that expresses many feeling and momentos throughout its 8:24 minutes, having some very expressive and agressive moments, as well as soothing melodies from the accordion, the flute and the Hurdy Gurdy. We can say that Winter Days is one of our conceptual songs, it's heavy and technical, but it also has a whole ambience, a whole atmosphere to describe the setting where it takes place, with a very visible influence from Death Metal, Black Metal, as well as some very eloquent melodies...  This song features Curitiba's musician Gabriel Inague as a special guest on the Hurdy Gurdy".

In case you haven't yet heard the single "Winter Days", the track is available on all the streaming platforms. Access the link below to check it out on Spotify:

Lineup:Felipe Franco – Bass/Vocals
Christopher Knop – Guitar/Vocals
Geferson Franco – Guitar
Max Waltrick – Drums
Felipe Ribeiro – Flute
Carlos Linzmeyer – Accordion

More information:

Gleison Junior  (Assessor/Diretor)
(62) 9.81047866 – 32905706
A new alliance between Death in Pieces Records and Macabre End Productions is coming out!!

After a very successful demo tape "Abominable Premonition", the Germanic duo Blasphemous Putrefaction is back with a new heresy, truly inspired in deathlike atmospheres and obscured death metal.

"Festering Plagues" evokes three abysmal hymns, with black vibes and primitive - yet noxious performance.

Cassette strictly limited to 100 copies, 50 in red shield and 50 in black shield, includes woven patch and pin. Limited edition to 100 copies (50 red, 50 black) + Woven Patch + Pin

A cult for underground death metal followers!

Their devotion to rotten metal of death is unquestioned, and their skill in presenting it is obvious. If you’re in the mood for truly disgusting and fearsome death metal, you’ve come to the right place.” No Clean Singing

DIPR-010 / MEP - 12 - BLASPHEMOUS PUTREFACTION "Festering Plagues" EP

Release date: October
Genre: Primitive Rotten Death Metal
Country: Germany
Format: Tape
Line up on this recording: Tar Morion - Drums/ Satanic Death Vulva - Guitar, Bass, Vocals
Recorded by Tar Morion
Mixed by Deathroned Production
Artwork by Grasenstyle Blood Artworks



Press inquiries:

Founded in July 2017 by Satanic Death Vulva (Goatblood, Genocide) and Tar Morion (Genocide, Decibel Rebels) with the intention to start a death metal project which is just raw, aggressive and primitive. After 5 months the first demo “Abominable Premonition” was released by Dunkelheit Produktionen in cassette format, and got a lot of positive reviews, and after one year it was sold out.

                                            BLASPHEMOUS PUTREFACTION is:

                                                         Tar Morion - Drums
                                              Satanic Death Vulva - (Guitar, Bass, Vocals)


 Les 22 & 23 février 2020

Nous sommes fiers de vous annoncer le retour du Cernunnos Pagan Fest les 22 & 23 février 2020 à la Ferme du buisson (Noisiel 77).
Au programme : Prima Nocta, Sojourner, RASTABAN, Vermilia, Veliocasses, Infinityum, Toter Fisch, IN VINO VERITAS, Anomalie , Finsterforst.
Et 10 autres groupes seront annoncés prochainement. 
Sans oublier bien entendu, la traditionnelle fête médiévale, avec ses animations et les artisans venus des quatre coins de la France, pour vous faire découvrir leurs plus belles créations. Vous aurez aussi le droit à une cuisine historique et savoureuse, des boissons artisanales, des danses, des combats, des activités de calligraphie  et bien d’autres. Et enfin,pleins d'activités pour les enfants. Le tout en ACCÈS LIBRE  
Autre bonne nouvelle, les prix des pass sont les mêmes que l'année dernière.
- Préventes : 1 jour à 48€ / 2 jours à 78€
- Sur place : 1 jour à 55€ / 2 jours à 95€
Lien de billetterie :
Suivez l'actualité du festival sur :
Site officiel
Sarah KAZAROFF Attachée de presse (musique)

samedi 29 juin 2019

                         FOREST IN HELLFEST 2019

Mais quelle édition cette édition 2019 du Hellfest !

Porté sur le podium du Tremplin The Voice Of Hell pour participer à l'édition 2019 du HELLFEST,
 FOREST IN BLOOD a rencontré ses fans et la presse durant 3 jours de folie.
Le groupe a parlé de l'album "PIRATES" sortie en Octobre 2018 et de la suite qui lui sera donné.

Restez embarqués, l'aventure continue...

                                                            IN PIRATES WE TRUST

Pour redécouvrir les clip de "My Dues" et "The Descendants"



Divide the Fall "The Storm" anthemic thematic lawless rock music (Diviser l'automne « The Storm » musique rock sans foi ni loi thématique anthemic)

DIVISER LA CHUTE est une roche / bande de métal de Minneapolis, Minnesota formé à l' automne de 2017. Fraîchement la sortie de leur premier album « auto - intitulé » EP (en 16ème Février, 2018), première année de création du groupe a été constitué d'innombrables spectacles région 

Le groupe est réglé pour commencer à enregistrer leur 1er album complet au printemps 2019 avec le producteur Jordon Popp (Architectes, Janus, Seven Day Sonnet) à Glasswall Studio à Chicago, IL. aux et nationaux; menant plus 

Membres du groupe:
Ethan Weinaug- Chant
Jake Hankel- Guitare
Matthew DeMar- Basse / Chant
Jack Mckoskey- Drums
récemment à leur 1ère tournée en tête d'affiche à l'automne 2018. 

Grunge is back with melodies and melancholy in Dead Original's single "Bored Again" (Grunge est de retour avec des mélodies et mélancoliques single « Bored Again » Dead original)


Dead Original is a grunge infused trio started by Paul Wandtke whom got his start in the music industry as a work for hire drummer (ex Trivium and the hit musical Rock of Ages). Feeling inspired to pick up a guitar, he now fronts Dead Original with Rob Lerner on drums and Sean McCole on bass.
Dead Original is a blend of grunge, groove power, simple riffs, melodic hooks and some progressive elements via some tastefully placed odd meters

Band Members
Paul Wandtke - guitar/lead vocals
Sean McCole - bass/backing vocals
Rob Lerner - drums

Genre : Grunge Rock

Hometown : Chicago, Illinois



Seconda edizione del “LUPPOLO IN ROCK”, il festival rock e metal che si svolgerà a Cremona, nell'ex Parco delle Colonie Padane, mercoledì 10, giovedì 11, venerdì 12 e sabato 13 luglio 2019.

Quattro serate con 17 band rock ed heavy metal di portata nazionale ed internazionale, così suddivise:

Mercoledì 10 luglio
Il festival si tinge con i colori del progressive rock grazie alla Pfm. La band di Franz Di Ciocco e Patrick Djivas si presenterà sul palco del Luppolo in Rock con The Best Of, il concerto che propone il meglio di una lunga e prestigiosa carriera iniziata nel 1971. Brani come Impressioni di settembre e La carrozza di Hans sono entrati nell’Olimpo del genere, portando la band ai livelli dei maestri britannici come Emerson Lake & Palmer, Genesis e Gentle Giant. Una band che ha sempre avuto uno stretto legame con il Cremonese, grazie agli ex membri Bernardo Lanzetti, il primo cantante, di Casalmaggiore, il polistrumentista Lucio ‘Violino’ Fabbri, di Crema, e l’attuale chitarrista Marco Sfogli, campano d’origine, ma cremonese d’adozione. Ad aprire la serata saranno gli Aerostation, il progetto di due musicisti che hanno ampliato i confini del progressive rock: Gigi Cavalli Cocchi e Alex Carpani.
- Giovedì 11 luglio
Headliner della serata gli svedesi Dark Tranquillity, con il loro pionieristico melodic death metal, diventato un vero e proprio marchio di fabbrica del Gothenburg Sound, grazie anche al contributo di altre band, come In Flames e At The Gates. Altra band svedese della serata gli Evergrey, band votata al progressive metal. Hanno appena pubblicato — il 25 gennaio scorso — l’ultimo album The Atlantic, che conferma l’attitudine della band nel miscelare progressive metal, power metal e doom. A completare il bill della giornata i Reece, la formazione capitanata dallo statunitense David Reece, ex cantante di Accept e Bonfire, e già presente nella prima edizione del festival. La band ha pubblicato da pochi mesi il nuovo album Resilient Heart, un concentrato di hard rock, ricco di melodie accattivanti e chitarre granitiche. Infine i cremonesi Dead Beat Soul, band uscita dalle selezioni del Luppolo in Rock Audition, concorso che si è svolto nel novembre scorso nell’hangar dell’aeroporto Migliaro di Cremona.
- Venerdì 12 luglio
Serata tra il trash metal e l’heavy metal classico di stampo statunitense, con i Metal Church, band principale del venerdì. Nati nel 1980 a Seattle nella loro lunga carriera hanno avuto il merito di emancipare il metal a stelle e strisce, dandogli personalità e facendolo uscire dalla semplice derivazione di quello britannico, grazie a un approccio alle canzoni più veloce e più complesso. Stesso discorso per i Flotsam And Jetsam, capostipiti e fondatori del trash metal (che negli Anni ‘80 fu uno stile tipicamente americano con band del calibro di Metallica, Slayer, Megadeth e Anthrax) grazie a brani veloci, rabbiosi e ritmicamente serrati. Il lato più classico della programmazione sarà testimoniato dai californiani Armored Saint, nati nel 1982 e capitanati dal carismatico cantate John Bush. Dopo anni di successi planetari, la band ha attraversato un periodo tormentato, culminato dallo scioglimento e dalla successiva reunion che ha dato alla band una rinnovata creatività compositiva e una nuova energia live, come testimonia l’album live Carpe Noctum, pubblicato nel 2017. Ascolteremo anche il sound duro dei Suicide Solution, nati nel nostro territorio nel 1987. Ad aprire la giornata i sanmarinesi Necrofilia, altra band uscita dal Luppolo in Rock Audition.
- Sabato 13 luglio
Gran finale del festival con i Kamelot, band di punta del symphonic metal, grazie alla presenza nelle loro canzoni di sontuose orchestrazioni e ricchissime parti corali. La perdita nel 2011 di un cantante dal timbro unico e dalla forte personalità come Roy Khan, ha fatto virare la band su sonorità maggiormente power metal, per meglio valorizzare la voce del nuovo frontman Tommy Karevik. Il cantante si divide tra i Kamelot e i Seventh Wonder. Portavoci del power metal tedesco, i Freedom Call raccolgono l’eredità di Helloween e Gamma Ray, alternando l’aspetto melodico al travolgenti ed epiche cavalcate chitarristiche. Terzo gruppo della giornata i Tomorrow's Eve, dalle note progressive metal di stampo tedesco.
A seguire, gli italiani Ancillotti, attualmente al lavoro sul nuovo album, con il loro hard’n’heavy possente, grazie alla sezione ritmica potente e asciutta di Brian a Bid Ancillotti, allo stile selvaggio e al contempo raffinato del chitarrista Ciano Toscani, alla voce consumata e graffiante di Bud Ancillotti. I Tower Of Babel sono nati nel 2017 dal chitarrista statunitense Joe Stump che prende a modello Rainbow e Ronnie James Dio per proporre un metal neoclassico, molto legato alle sonorità di fine Anni ’70, inizio Anni ’80. Ad aprire l’ultima giornata del festival i cremonesi Suburn, terza band selezionata al Luppolo in Rock Audition, con il loro grunge venato di metal.

Quattro gruppi (DARK TRANQUILLITY, KAMELOT, METAL CHURCH, ARMORED SAINT) hanno scelto il LUPPOLO IN ROCK come unica data italiana per il 2019.

Per qualsiasi informazione e per definire eventuali accordi commerciali, Vi preghiamo di contattare l’organizzatore della manifestazione Massimo Pacifico (tel. 3282877130).
La prevendita dei biglietti è disponibile online sul sito dell'evento
o direttamente cliccando sul pulsante “acquista” della pagina Facebook “LUPPOLO IN ROCK”

I siti dei gruppi headliners :

link diretto google maps x rintracciabilità evento:

In allegato, le locandine dell'evento, le foto delle band, la mappa della location e gli orari del meet and greet e della line up. 
Ringrazio per la cortese attenzione e porgo distinti saluti.

Ufficio Stampa
Luppolo in Rock 2019

Agenzia di Comunicazione
Chiara Talenti