mardi 31 octobre 2017

KORPSESOTURI EP new artwork and CD version details revealed. Pre Orders and trades now! 

KORPSESOTURI is a death metal band from Helsinki, Finland. It was originally formed 2014 but existing group was nailed 2016. Background of existing members consist several bands over the decades.

KORPSESOTURI is focusing to write death metal without being too fancy in musical aspect. Raw energy, dark lyrics in Finnish language and respect of old school death metal sounds spiced with different musical backgrounds of each band member.

The band made its first recordings several years ago but official released EP was made early 2017 in all well known digital music services (Spotify etc). EP was also released by Caco-Daemon Records in cassette format as limited edition in Europe and Japan.

In the near future KORPSESOTURI is playing live shows whenever and where-ever it is possible. Full length album recordings are planned to be start in the end of 2017. Pre-agreement has been made with an underground metal label located in USA. Preliminary plan for the full length album release is spring time 2018.

Death in Pieces Records proudly presents debut EP of Finnish death metal entity KORPSESOTURI.
Eight tracks of sick - destructive death metal coming out straight from Scandinavian lands.

Doom - laden riffs, obscured vocals and a stench of death metal with sinister breath on every note.

Think of ABHORRENCE, early ASPHYX, early AUTOPSY, etc. 

About Korpsesoturi EP :

*Band features members of VAINAJA.
*This EP version includes 4 exclusive raw tracks from rehearsals.
*Cover art by Jan P. Whitney (Death my only friend Artworks, Swe.)
*Limited to 500 copies
*First 50 copies includes button
*Release date:  22-11-2017

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(Line up on this recording:)
Juha Ahlfors: Bass + vocals
Oskari Koukka: Drums
Pekka Rytkönen: Guitars

Actual line up:
Juha Ahlfors: Bass + vocals
Oskari Koukka: Drums
Mikko Järvi: Guitars

Official Video Teaser for the track “Yöhön mustaan”