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Attività Power Trio presents the concept of the song "Berimbau", reread of the original countryman guitarist Baden Powell
Recently released the new studio album by the band ATTIVITÀ POWER TRIO, from Rio de Janeiro, entitled “Confusão". Among the eleven tracks that make up the album, one of them is a re-reading of the song “Berimbau", authored by the guitarist Baden Powell in partnership with the great Brazilian poet Vinicius de Moraes. The Attività Power Trio It's fellow city of the guitarist Baden Powell; Both are from the city of Varre-Sai, in Rio de Janeiro. Powell became a well-known musician in France, Italy and Germany.
Vinicius de Moraes caught contact with the music of Baden Powell for the first time in 1962. Both shared an interest: the Afro-Brazilian culture. While the poet Vinicius was interested in the mystical and poetic side of this culture, Powell sought to delve into the musical and harmonic side of it. The two met and composed together for three months a total of 25 songs. Eight of them entered the album "Os Afro-Sambas", of 1966, a classic of Brazilian Popular music. However, one of the greatest successes of this partnership did not enter this album, the music “Berimbau".
Almost half a century later, the Rock trio Attività Power Trio decide to create their version for “Berimbau". The band did not want to turn the music into a Rock itself, but he intended to preserve the essence and characteristic elements of the original version, adding his vision of Rock ' n ' Roll.
Check out right after the version “Berimbau", launched by Attività Power Trio. The band's new album, “Confusão", can be heard on the main Streaming platforms on the Internet.

Fábio Pimentel - vocals, guitars
Glaudiston Couto – bass guitar, vocals
Douglas – drums

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