dimanche 25 février 2018

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Death Chaos: new album will be pressed and distributed in Argentina

The band Death Chaos very soon will be making your new album, "Bring Them to Die" in physical form to the delight of the fans of extreme music. The material that had been all written and is in the process of pressing, will be for sale to the public through social networks of their own band.

Important information that has just been carried out, is that the album will also receive a special and international press, the Argentine seal "Polution Records" had produced a limited number of copies of the album “Bring Them to Die".
Formed in 2014, the group born in Curitiba/PR, launched in 2016 your first record, "Prologue in Death & Chaos", which quickly fell into the graces of the fans and just increased the anxiety at first full of career, interested in purchasing with advance the new album "Bring Them to Die" can make your pre-reservation of new disc on the links below.

Bring Them to Die-Official Track list:
01-Bring Them to Die
02-Brutal Death Desire
03-Facing Innocence Rot
04-Death Chaos
06-Memories of the Insane
08 – Night of Intense Hankering
09-Malignant Transition
10-Gushing Blood
11-Gloomy Days

Denir "Deathdealer": Vocals
Julio Bona: Guitar
Gabriel Maciel: Guitar
Edson "Mamute": Bass
Ueda: Drums