vendredi 9 février 2018

Stonex: music inspired by the character "Captain Marvel" is made available to audition on YouTube
While the new album of Stonex doesn't make it to the world, the group is offering in your official YouTube channel songs that are part of the first Studio record, the EP "Seeds of Evil" originally released in 2014, but now only available in digital format.

The music released by the Group's three track called "Maggots (in my Brain), written in narrative form, the lyrics are sung in first person and tells the story of a man who has your life abused when worms invade your mind and spend control your life, leading him to madness and murder of your own family.

Stonex musicians with this song created a metaphorical allusion to the popular Brazilian expression that says "fill your head worms" and the damage caused to life itself when you allow others to influence negatively your destiny.

Another inspiration for the song "Maggots (in my Brain)" are the stories of Dr. Silvana, eternal antagonist of Cap. Marvel (now «Shazam) that controls minds through their worms, introduced secretly by the ear and allowing it to control all those who he manages this feat.

The Stonex is currently working on the completion of your first full career and still in 2018 the band plan to be offering the new record in physical and digital format for all fans of good old Heavy Metal.

Pedro Ramon Guerreiro - Vocals
Mark Hazz - Guitar
Dálvaro Soares - Guitar
Alessandro Mongini- Bass
Adriano Tavares - Drums

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