lundi 5 mars 2018

Gleison Junior  (Assessor/Diretor)
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Falls of Silence: album "Necromancy" presents to the world the Death/Djent of one of the leading names of the style

In 2011 was born in Brasília/DF a strong band and with a unique concept in the region, Falls of Silence and your Death/Djent presented the world a perspective of merging technique and weight with smart and introspective lyrics.

In your first official record released 2014, the EP "Necromancy" with four tracks sung in Portuguese and melodies well built with direct influences of more modern names of extreme metal.

The album was made available on various platforms and also Streaming on the Group's official channel on YouTube, possess a clip and some lyrics videos. The track "Punição" won images of a unique moment in the career of the group, after a Masterful presentation, the musicians gathered the best moments and released music that you can follow below.

Currently the Falls of Silence is preparing several news for fans of the group still in 2018, relevant news and that will further leverage the work of the group around the world.


Marlon Alencar: Vocal
Leandro Lestat: Guitar
Driu Menezes: Guitar
Victor Oliveira: Drums
Felipe Bomfim: Bass

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