mercredi 6 juin 2018

Moonstrux Crush Kill ’n Destroy

Moonstrux Crush Kill ’n Destroy 

Finnish apocalyptic Nu-Metal band Moonstrux comes out with a new single "Crush Kill ’n Destroy".

"This time we have taken a bit lighter but more grooving approach, comparing to our previous tracks." comments Moonstrux's frontman MC. Maggot

Listen the single: 

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Story continues again with - Chapter 4: Crush Kill ’N Destroy 

Apocalypse was a failure and it even turned against us. So it is time to make a new plan. 

”What if we could plant something in their daily lives. Something easily approachable. Something that could take them in control, without them even realizing it? Dr. Agenryft, arena is yours”.

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