mardi 10 octobre 2017

DEKAPITED (Chilean Thrash Metal)


Title: Sin Misericordia

Release Type: EP

Genre: Thrash Metal

Location: Macul, Santiago, Chile

Labels: Morbid Skull Records (El Salvador) 

Format: CD & Cassette

500 CDS (50 Die-hard Editions) & 200 Cassettes

Track - List:
1. Intro   
2. Aniquilacion total
3. Mundo decadente
4. Sin misericordia  
5. Condenado a morir
6. Outrootal


Camilo Pierattini —  Guitars, Vocals
Inti Astudillo — Bass
Patricio Riquelme — Drums
Cristián Contreras —  Guitars

Elias Tormentor — Cover Artwork
Fer CáceresLayout
Pablo Clares — Recording, Mixing & Mastering
Originated in the Commune of Macul, the Chilean old school thrashers DEKAPITED has constantly been expanding their horizon since their formation in 2006. Before releasing their debut full length “Nacidos del odio” in 2015, these anarchists had stored an EP, a split album (with the Polish crossover thrashers Terrordome) and a few demo releases in their arsenal. Throughout all of their releases, they clearly demonstrated their ruthless skills to play violent music just like the masters of Latin American thrash metal. The Chilean group is pretty active in the Latin Americana live scene; they have already supported bands like Slayer, Testament and Violator, and toured in some other Latin American places as well.

"Sin misericordia" (Without Mercy in English) is the band’s latest EP, originally released on CD format by the Chilean label Suicide Records in the early June. Most recently, El Salvador based label Morbid Skull Records has released it on both CD and tape formats. The moniker of the title impeccably gives you the hint of what you are going to blast — yes, the tracks are totally merciless. The dynamism and strength of their music are forceful enough to picture yourself in a pit, where it is impossible to escape from the mosh and refrain from headbanging.  The abundance of bulletproof riffs, supported by aggressive solos are going to chill your spines. The Spanish written lyrics express opposition against some adverse and hypocritical sides of society and politics.