mardi 20 février 2018

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Faces of Death: band releases lyric video of the song "Killer in the Name of God"

The band of Thrash/DeathFaces of Death, provided in your official YouTube channel the second Lyric video of his career, the song "Killer in the Name of God" features images of the musicians and real scenes of wars have been declared in the name of gods and churches.

Protesting with fury, the music is an acid criticism to rulers who hide behind their dogmas intentions of mass slaughter, destruction and chaos, all being related to the metaphysical.

Check out "Killer in The Name of God":

The Faces of Death released in 2017 your EP "Consummatum Est." and is currently preparing to begin the recording of their first full of career, the group already has more than 20 years of history, and after a long hiatus, he returned recently with very breath to a sound destruction in their songs.

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