mercredi 6 juin 2018

New single by Finnish heavy metal band Ratbreed!

Ratbreed promo pic by Jukka "Johnny" Lepola (free to publish)
Finnish heavy metal band Ratbreed released a second single "Hunting High, Reaping Low" from their upcoming album "Evoke the Blaze" which is released July 13th via Inverse Records.


Composer/lyricist Mikko Kaipainen comments:
"Hunting High, Reaping Low was one of the last songs written on the album, together with the first single Gates Of Underworld. Can't remember which one came first actually. Lyrically it's about subconscious black hole exploding and repressed inner demons coming to surface."

The recordings took place partly at Deep Noise Studios in Kouvola with mr. Juho Räihä and partly at the band’s guitarman Markus Taipale’s private studio. The album was mixed and mastered by Juho Räihä at Sound Spiral Audio (Wolfheart, Profane Omen, Before The Dawn etc.) in Kouvola, Finland.

LISTEN TO 'Hunting High, Reaping Low' single on:
Album cover by Petri Lampela (free to publish) 

Album track list
1. Escape From The Asylum  
2. Hunting High, Reaping Low  
3. Decay Of The Mind  
4. Blaze From Below  
5. Gates Of Underworld  
6. Unhallowed Sleep  
7. Mad World  
8. Through The Flames  
9. I Rule The Ruins (digital version bonus track)  (Warlock cover)

Jasmin Anglén – Vocals 
Mikko Kaipainen – Guitars 
Markus Taipale – Guitars  
Lauri Palmunen – Bass  
Mikko Toivonen – Drums